Moving to Python?

Some of you are asking if you can move on to the Python course (PT101) as you are not interested in MQL4.

Moving to Python

If you are not interested in MQL4, I would still suggest watching these chapters on AT101 as they mainly cover trading concepts: Chapters: 8, 10, 12, 13, 18, 21, 33, 34. You can ignore the coding lectures in these chapters.

When you're done, you can go to PT101. Alternatively, you can cover those selected AT101 chapters and PT101 concurrently.

Why MT4 then?

Good question. You will learn in PT101 that backtesting and executing with MT4 is many times easier than Python. If this was a Python only course, it would be significantly more difficult to backtest and execute a simple idea.

As a beginner, you might take 1 week to code, backtest and launch your first (simple) robot on MT4. That would take months on Python.

As a learner, I find it difficult and less motivating when I spend so much effort and not see progress. If I can see progress, I'm more motivated (dopamine boost!) and can power through the tough parts.

Of course, MT4 is not perfect. There is a trade-off. MT4 is limited by function - it can't do statistical analysis, connect to mainstream brokers, machine learning, web scraping or import external data well (by default we can't import external data at all, but I will show you a workaround using CSV files).

Hence, we have both AT101 and PT101.

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