Unless otherwise stated, the following definitions shall apply:-

Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions set forth in this document that sets forth the agreement between the Subscriber and the Provider;

Web Site” or any references thereof includes but is not limited to the information, materials, data, reports, text, images, links, sounds, graphics and video sequences displayed on http://algotrading101.com and any related and/or affiliated websites maintained by the Provider;

Electronic Services” or any reference thereof means the online services and/or products provided at or in connection with this Web Site;

Provider” means Black Algo Technologies and/or the Black Algo Group where applicable;

Subscriber” means any individual and/or entity that has created an account with the Provider and/or is subscribed to the Electronic Services;

User” means any individual and/or entity that accesses or uses the Web Site or Electronic Services that is not a Subscriber; and

Loss” means any and all losses, claims, liabilities, costs, charges and/or expenses of whosoever nature or howsoever arising, including profits or advantage which may be deprived or lost and/or legal fees on a full indemnity basis.


2.1. The Provider shall use reasonable efforts to safeguard any confidential information received from the Subscriber. The Subscriber hereby authorises the Provider to transmit such confidential information to the following individuals and/or entities:- (i) any Black Algo Members; (ii) any contractor, agent or service provider which provides administrative, data processing, financial, computer, telecommunication, payment or securities clearing, financial, professional or other services to the Subscriber, the Provider or to any other person to whom data is passed; (iii) any agent and/or nominee acting on behalf of the Subscriber or Provider; (iv) any assignee, transferee, participant, sub-participant, delegate, successor or person to whom this Agreement is novated; and (v) governmental, regulatory or other bodies or institutions, whether as required by law, regulations applicable to any member of the Black Algo Group, or otherwise.

2.2. The purposes for which confidential information provided by the Subscriber from time to time may be used are: (i) carrying out the Subscriber’s other instructions; (ii) providing services in connection with the Subscriber’s account, whether the services are provided by or through, any member of the Provider or any other person; (iii) collection of amounts due, enforcement of security, charge or other rights and interests in favour of any member of the Provider; (iv) marketing existing and future services or products of any member of the Provider; (v) forming part of the records of the persons or members of the Provider to whom the data may be passed; (vi) observing any legal, regulatory or other requirements to which any member of the Provider or any other persons may be subject; (vii) other purposes related or incidental to any one or more of the above; or (viii) any purpose the Provider sees fit or necessary.

2.3. Any member of the Provider may use the data and supply the Subscriber with information about other services or products of any other member of the Provider. If the Subscriber does not wish to receive any such information, the Subscriber may notify the Provider in writing to cease to use the data for such purposes. The Subscriber shall provide accurate and complete information when creating an account with the Provider, maintain the accuracy of such information, and is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of such account and for all activities that occur on or through such account.

Last updated: 21st June 2016